Guitar Lessons in Plymouth

Guitar Lessons in Plymouth

Mark's lessons take place in his music room in Plymouth. He is respected for his patience with beginners and his thoroughness. He is able to form good friendships through his music and wants the learner to enjoy a musical journey. It is worth noting that he has had numerous pensioners attend his lessons with great results.

He is able to get to the root of many practical problems faced by those new to the guitar and has many exercises that can help ease the experience. In the first lesson, the beginner is introduced to the guitar through an exploration of the parts of the instrument and Mark will assess the learner's hopes and goals as well as getting a better idea of what music the student enjoys listening to and how their favourite pieces can be adapted for inclusion as soon as possible.

The student will be introduced to the notes and easier chord shapes and some fun rhythms and a few challenging, yet rewarding arpeggios. Mark leads the learner one step at a time trying to keep a healthy balance between fun, necessary jamming and well-paced progression through applied musical theory.

However, Mark also recognises that every musician is indeed an individual with unique aspirations in many respects. So, depending on your own personal guitar playing goals your lesson plan could be adapted in a variety of ways to suit. Some of Mark's students are more interested in being able to jam some popular tunes and have a singalong with family and friends whereas others want to be shredding super-fast solos live onstage. Mark thrives in finding the essential elements required to get your playing to the level you desire. For more information about Mark's guitar lessons don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

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